The abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that involves removing the excess of skin and fat from the abdominal region for a flat and firm abdomen, while a narrower waist. The relaxation of the abdominal wall and the excess of skin usually occur in patients who gain and lose weight or women who have had several pregnancies.


This correction of the morphology and appearance of the abdomen is performed through an incision above the pubis from where the amount of skin is reduced, the fat is extracted and the abdominal muscles are strengthening using sutures. After surgery, Dr. Junco will tell you the steps to take to achieve a fast recovery and to observe satisfactory results soon.


Patients who have a relatively good figure but have weakened abdominal muscles and a fat and skin accumulation in the area, are the best candidates for an abdominoplasty. Making sport and a balanced diet will help you make the satisfactory results obtained in your abdomen and waist permanent.



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