Body Mesotherapy

The skin aging is a topic of great concern in society. We want a bright, smooth and firm body that is a true reflection of a healthy young silhouette. To achieve our goal, mesotherapy body may be what we need.


The treatment is to infiltrate, either subcutaneously or skin products such as amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Microinjections made ​​through therapeutic purposes, body mesotherapy can be carried out independently or combined with other medical procedures as any weight loss program. Generally three separate for 21 days each session are performed. The process is repeated every three to six months. A treatment session usually lasts about 15 minutes and, in some sensitive individuals, is often used with a local anesthetic cream.


Body mesotherapy is particularly suitable for those who want to improve their body shape and want to avoid having surgery. Over the years, skin acquired sagging and, in some areas more than others, hangs up unsightly. Treatment gets tighten, hydrate and restore elasticity to the body.




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