Breast lift

Breast lift with or without implants

Everybody knows that breasts are the maximum expression of feminine sensuality. That is why women are increasingly asking for interventions that improve their body’s sinuosity. Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that permits to modify the shape of the fallen breasts to recover a more beautiful and rejuvenated appearance. It is a procedure performed in the operating room by a surgeon, which its main objective is to lift the breasts but also to retrieve the desired volume by using breast implants.

The passage of time and some circumstances in the lives of women such as pregnancy, lactation, weight changes or simply aging, can cause changes in the shape of the breasts, even making them loose their firmness and fall. This not only reduces the aesthetics of breasts and the overall body shape of women, but can also psychologically affect the woman and even remove her sense of femininity.

Thanks to the Breast Lift, it is possible to retrieve a youthful shape to the breasts, getting a natural and permanent “push -up ” effect. Get the desired shape and rejuvenate the most sensual part of a woman’s body is now possible with this intervention which, in addition, increases the size of the busts.





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