Buttock Augmentation or Gluteoplasty

The buttocks are the body part that shows more sensuality. Many men and women do not feel comfortable with her appearance, believing that do not meet the features that have been assigned over the years. Sometimes we try to remodel the area with exercise, but this is not sufficient to reach the desired goal. The buttock augmentation surgery gets converted a beautiful figure into something more, offering the opportunity to add an extra charm and appeal, getting a bulky rear that cause fascination.


Buttock augmentation may be performed by two different methods: using implants to reconstruct the profile of the top of the buttock or, moreover, through injections of grease from other body parts. Both techniques are a guarantee of safety and good results, which will be chosen according to the needs of the patient and the surgeon’s recommendations.


Buttock augmentation offers natural and aesthetic results to those who want to increase the size of their buttocks. The main weapons of seduction are in this area, which should release sensuality and attractive to enhance personal satisfaction.


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