Earlobe Reduction

The popularity of earrings, not only among women but also men, has increased the problems of stretching, tearing or even complete tear of the earlobes. The earlobe reduction is the intervention used by our plastic surgeons to correct these problems and get some nice earlobes that can look outstanding again.


This deformation of the earlobe or tear can occur both by the use of heavy earrings as by a sudden jerk of the slopes. In both cases, the earlobe reduction allows to repair this part of the ears with a simple intervention less than 15 minutes in length that is performed under local anesthesia.


The procedure causes minimal discomfort, and after a month the operated person may make again the holes at a different position where the small scar is, if possible. Thus Dr. Junco get back a natural and rejuvenated earlobes, and allows you to go back to glow with your earrings.


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