Facial Lifting

The face is one of the most vulnerable body areas to suffer the effects of aging. Over the years, our lives are reflected in our facial expression, showing situations that we have worn internally. Excessive sun exposure, the same effects of gravity and the stress of daily life make the appearance of the face. The facial lifting can not stop the clock, but it can improve the most visible signs of aging.


The intervention consists broadly in tensing the muscles of the face, removing excess fat redistributing the skin. Folds and wrinkles are reduced, giving cheerfulness and harmony in the face. Using general or local anesthesia and sedation, incisions usually begin at the temples. The facial lifting can be combined with other interventions to the needs of each patient.


The method achieves a remarkable facial rejuvenation, offering the possibility of wearing a fine, healthy and natural face. The results are long lasting, satisfactory and allow the patient to feel more secure in their daily lives. However, if over the years the wrinkles and the folds bring them again to appear, a facial lifting may be performed again.

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