Cellulite and small fatty deposits, sagging, toning, lymphatic drainage, capsular contracture, scarring and stretch marks


INDIBA Deep Care ® is a medical treatment to enhance your silhouette that acts from inside tissues without surgery. With this revolutionary treatment based on the application of temperature the patient gets a revitalizing facial and body rejuvenation, surprising achieved from the first sessions.


The key point of INDIBA is the pro-ionic technology used, the only electro-medicine patented system that can treat internal tissues of the body through the energy transmitted by the system.


If you want to reduce cellulite and small fatty deposits, tone your face, get a firmer skin tone and reduce postpartum abdomen, reduce edema or improve a healing period, INDIBA is the treatment for you.


Benefit from the balance and regeneration that our experts achieve with the application of the temperature through a treatment antiaging that do not need surgery. Reduce and firm your face or your figure with INDIBA Deep Care to feel better about your body and yourself. Its results will surprise you.




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