“Laser” with VPL Ultraplus®

Facial antiaging, definitive depilation and acne


VPL Ultraplus® is a system that is based on the variable glare technology used to implement treatments for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne. This laser treatment can be used on any part of the body to achieve the objectives of each procedure. They are safe and painless treatments that have been tested.


VPL Ultraplus ® allows a definitive depilation by destroying the hair follicle getting flashes of light. This gets decrease the thickness and density of hair very significantly, requiring 4 to 8 sessions to obtain satisfactory results.


The skin resurfacing treatment or antiaging facial is useful to remove sun spots or age caused by an accumulation of melanin. VPL light Ultraplus® achieves disruption of the particles causing the placement and causes a rise very useful for restoring the small wrinkles and fine lines collagen.


In the treatment of acne the lights emitted by VPL Ultraplus® attack the bacteria responsible for acne while stimulate a healing response of the body. Thus, the activity of the bacteria slows, reduces inflammation and collagen ascends to the surface, improving the state of the patient’s skin.




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