A few years ago, physical deformities for unwanted fat deposits had no solution. People, even it was not easy to accept, were forced to live with particular areas of their body that did not satisfy them. Currently, liposuction has revolutionized the correction of these situations, becoming one of the most requested surgery time.


Liposuction is not just a treatment for obesity or a useful way to weight loss. The operation is designed to correct the regions of the body with fat deposits that, in most cases, they appear to be rebelling against any dietary regimen. Essentially, it is the aspiration of the fat, which can be located on the arms, neck, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and other body areas.


The intervention has been considered as very effective to provide a new body contouring, always including the minimum number of scars. Results may remain throughout the years, as long as the patient maintains a balanced diet and regular exercise practice. Most people who have undergone liposuction were satisfied with their figure, which looks firm and symmetrical, and that it lets them the ability to use any type of clothing.



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