Male Genital Surgery

Intimate surgery treatments are increasingly demanded. The ability to improve the appearance and functionality of the male genitals simply and effectively makes many men choose to undergo such interventions. Thus, thank to Dr. Junco many men enjoy a more pleasurable sex and are more comfortable with their body.


The frenulum intervention is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgeries for men. When the frenulum is too short can hamper intercourse, causing excessive tension on the frenulum, which can become painful and cause tears. Thank to this intervention a longer distance between the glans and the foreskin is achieved after the surgeon treats the frenulum. Thus, the patient can enjoy a full sex and improve the aesthetics of his penis.


Circumcision is a technique performed in those children which their foreskin can’t retract properly, making ​​it impossible to leave the glans exposed. But there are some men who, despite having this problem were not circumcised at an early age and this causes them problems when having sex. Dr. Junco can solve this problem hampering sexual relations with a simple procedure that allows men to enjoy a fulfilling, enjoyable and painless sex.


Scrotal Remodeling is a surgical procedure used to rejuvenate the bag when the testicles have hypermobility causing them look hook. After surgery, the patient will get a better appearance on his testicles that will give the body a nice aesthetic to his genitals.


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