Mammary Aftermath

Mammary Aftermath: Contractures, Rippling, Misplacement and Tuberous Breasts.


Enhancing your sensuality by getting perfect breast can cause problems if you don’t contact the best professionals. In recent years has increased the number of patients from other clinics who contact our office to solve all kinds of problems emerged after previous surgeries. These complications may be caused by the malpractice of the surgeon or by reactions of the patient’s body. Anyway, more and more women need the re-intervention by a reference in breast surgery as Dr. Junco to fix the previous bad results there.


The Mammary Aftermath may be caused by the misplacement of the prosthesis, capsular contracture, dissatisfaction volume, rippling effect, complications of the undiagnosed tuberous breasts, hematomas and seromas or unsightly scarring.


After studying each case, Dr. Junco choose the best way to remedy these aftermath and get the expected result that the patient had before her first surgery. With secondary breast surgeries it is possible to solve all kinds of problems above and get a more beautiful and natural breast that makes your boy more appealing for the other people.




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