Other Breast Surgeries

Inverted Nipple

Although it is not a highly common phenomenon, some women may have one or both nipples inverted. It is a painless anomaly, but it compromises the aesthetics of breast highly affecting the self-esteem of women. The investment of both nipples can cause a sense of asymmetry, hinder breastfeeding and even make it impossible to reach, in the most extreme cases.
The alteration can be treated with minimally invasive procedures or, on the other hand, with surgical intervention, with the guarantee of the most popular results, both aesthetic and functional. Visit Dr. Junco in order to get the sensual breasts that you’ve always wanted.

Mammary Lipofilling

There are many women who want to increase their breast naturally without having to undergo surgical procedures. For women, breast lipofilling has become the best choice. The technique involves removing fat from one body, treat it and then injecting it into the area of the breasts. In addition to providing the desired increase, manages to reduce excess fat deposits localized in some body parts.
It is a less invasive procedure, and offers a natural and permanent results over time, getting better shape and silhouette of the woman that improves its attractive.

Breast Reconstruction

Professional plastic surgery has opened up many avenues for women who, at some point in their lives, have gone through a partial or total removal of the breast. Every year a lot of women face breast cancer and now have the chance to feel good about their chest. Having nice breasts make women feel feminine and attractive, that’s why breast reconstruction is everyday more demanded.
Breast reconstruction primarily aims to reconstruct the affected breast, restoring its previous shape and size, also including the correction of the nipple and surrounding area. With the use of breast implants, natural, healthy and symmetrical appearance of breasts is achieved. Most women who have had surgery for breast cancer intervention considered it as a great opportunity to enhance their image.


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