Otoplasty is the surgical procedure that is performed to reposition protruding ears or its excessive prominence and reposition them over the head. Similarly, it is useful to reduce the size of large ears and get them a little bit smaller and in proportion to the rest of the head.


This is an intervention that is usually done to children between 4 and 14 years, but it can also be performed on adults of any age while maintaining its high efficiency and minimal risks. If your child is uncomfortable or suffering trauma because of the appearance of his ears, otoplasty can do away with these physical and psychological problems in a predictable and durable way.


The intervention took place in an operating room of the CIMA Clinic under general anesthesia, in case of children, and local anesthesia for adults. After a few days you can lead a normal life, having much nicer ears and proportionate that improve the aesthetics of the person and end their traumas forever.




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