Slimming Methods

Pronokal ® and high-calorie diets


Weight is not just a matter of aesthetics. Maintaining a healthy and strong figure with the less fat accumulations possible it is a guarantee for our general health, being the most important variable to consider. Obesity continues to be a disease that must be treated by a medical specialist. So to lose weight properly is essential to put in the hands of a professional to reduce your body mass avoiding harming your body.


With high-caloric diets it is possible to achieve a healthy and attractive figure. Among them, the Pronokal® method is being recommended for the treatment of obesity and overweight. It consists of a custom program to lose weight loss, always under medical supervision, based on a protein diet. Their goal is not only to weight loss, but also the maintenance of results over time thanks to food reduction. Throughout the process, you have the team of specialists Pronokal® for free.


Many patients have undergone the Pronokal® method to reduce weight. With treatment, they are able to overcome obesity and convert your figure into an envied silhouette. Thanks to the dedication of professionals and the patients themselves, the high-caloric diet achieves satisfactory results.



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