Thigh and Arm Lift

The age and the passing years can cause unpleasant effects on many areas of our body. In particular, sagging arms and thighs is still one of the most troubling problems, constituting an effect of aging that most people want to hide. Warehouses and discomfort may develop from this, being a real trauma dressing in summer.


However, the effects of aging in these body areas can be corrected. The Thigh and Arm Lift has as main objective to improve the physical appearance of the patient and strengthen their self-esteem. The surgery is based on incisions in the inner thigh or arm, always proportional to the quantity of excess skin and trying to left as minimal visible scars as possible. Generally, thigh and arm lift requires 2 to 3 hours to be carried out.


Persons subjected to treatment have improved its appearance, feeling comfortable with their body and safer to appear in public. Although the decision is purely personal, a clear objective and realistic expectations will make surgery a success.


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