Tuberous or Asymmetric Breast

Breast Deformation: Tuberous, Deformed and Asymmetric Breasts


The Mammary Deformities can compromise the aesthetics of the breasts and decrease women body’s sensuality and self-esteem. These are birth defects that often accompany breasts from their development and need special treatment by the surgeon to achieve good results in the form and aesthetics. Malformations may be several, so it is vital that the surgeon makes a personalized diagnosis to apply the most suitable method for each situation.


The intervention of Tuberous Breasts includes modification of the mammary gland through redistribution of tissue so the surgeon can place the implant delicately in the correct position later on. In case of oversized malformations, our surgeon applies a procedure similar to that of mastopexy or breast hypertrophy. While in malformations that cause asymmetry a particular assessment is needed to decide which technique should the surgeon follow.


Interventions in breast deformations usually get very positive results, getting a much nicer aesthetic breast and increasing the self-esteem of the patient. Having a more sensual and attractive body is now within your reach.




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